About Us

In-store coffee Roasting

Coffee beans at CaffèMilano-The Italian Coffee House are carefully hand roasted naturally. The magic happens directly in-store, where our customers can experience in person the process of coffee roasting, watching our roaster transforming the beans from their raw green state to yellow and finally brown, listening out for the cracks and smelling the subtle sweet aroma shifts of the roast.

When we shop for food, we always look for freshness- fruits or vegetables that have just been picked, a food that has just been prepared and especially when we buy baked goods, we want them fresh. Why? Simply because they taste better! It is the same with coffee. It tastes better when it is freshly roasted!

We always roast our coffee beans in small batches to ensure the freshness which is what differentiates us from mass commercial coffee producers, whose coffee has been on a shelf in a warehouse or on a supermarket for months after being roasted and before being purchased by the final customer.

In addition to our ever popular MilanoBlend of Guatemala, India and Brazil coffees and our decaffeinated beans available every day, we have a large selection of 100% Arabica single origin speciality coffees depending on the seasonal offer which are also available on pre-order. All our regular customers have already chosen their favourite one. Which will be yours?

Our delicious hand-crafted hot beverages can be enjoyed in three different sizes within the store or to takeaway. We use the highest quality fresh milk and offer dairy free alternatives.

Coffee for Home

Coffee brewing at home can really be a fun hobby! Brewing your own coffee is an adventure. As you learn more, you begin to understand how to make the perfect cup every single time – and how to adjust it to your exact preferences. First of course, you need good quality coffee beans! At CaffèMilano, we source various origins of raw green coffee beans and roast them directly in store, truly creating the freshest roasted coffee in town for you to experience in store or at home. Perhaps you like your coffee floral and fruity. Or maybe you’d prefer something a little nuttier with chocolate notes? No problem: just ask us for a recommendation.

The most popular devices that our regular customers use at home are the French press, filter coffee machine and the classic Italian Moka pot. These relatively inexpensive devices are easy and fast to use. Coffee beans need to be ground differently depending on the device you use to make your coffee and of course we can do this for you in store.

Our Food

At CaffèMilano-The Italian Coffee House, we are committed to excellence and offer a variety of choices using the best ingredients. Our signature panini are made on a delicious Italian focaccia bread. The end product is a light and crisp panino that is irresistible. Light, fresh, simple and delicious, bruschetta is the perfect Italian appetizer. Our selection of Bruschetta is prepared using only fresh vegetables, authentic Italian cheeses and freshly sliced Italian cured meats. The real secret is using just a few products of outstanding quality. Buon appetito!

We only use high quality Italian meats and cheeses, fresh and grilled vegetables and everything is fresh, cooked to order.

You can accompany our authentic food with the freshest coffee in town or with a classic Italian soft drink, amazing Molecola Italian cola (actually made with cola nut) and Menabrea Italian bottled beer.


We use shared equipment and cannot guarantee that our unpackaged food items or hand-crafted drinks are suitable for people with severe allergies. Please check our Allergen Information or ask a team member on each visit, as ingredients may have changed since your previous purchase.


We decided there was only one way forward that could make a difference: that’s why in April 2019 we stopped issuing our single-use takeaway coffee cups and in July 2019 we also stopped using single use smoothie/frappè cups for iced blended drinks. Now when you visit CaffèMilano for takeaway hot or iced drinks the only option is using a reusable cup. Customers can bring their own from home or the office. We also have a range of reusable cups for sale in store. All our awesome customers have embraced the cup initiative and with their help we have saved thousands of disposable cups going to waste, landfill, on the floor or ending up in the sea.

We do not use plastic straws, sell any plastic bottled drinks and have stopped the use of single serve sugar sachets.

We use 100% compostable straws – They are made from Italian pasta!